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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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flashers and waved at other drivers trying to get them to stop how are you (fine how are you) you are being pulled over for a thank you (alright) so you put the hazards on because what because no one was stopping for the pedestrian come across have a great day too ok this was a case of people behaving nicely in los altos stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) that breaking news we're following tonight is out of the peninsula where highway 101.. is still shut down tonight after a dealdy officer involved shooting.... i'm steve aveson...(pam) and i'm pam moore.... it's happening on highway 101 near the 92 on- ramp in san mateo... grant lodes is here with the new details.... grant? (grant) 15 minues ago...we leaned the chp hopes to have all lanes open by midnight. but right now, all lanes of northbound highway 101 are still closed after a deadly freeway shooting involving c-h-p officers. the chp says the man who was shot and killed was initially involved in a road rage crash on
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northbound 101 in san mateo near highway 92. investigators say after the crash, the man got out of a car...pulled a gun...chp got there shortly after...told the man to drop the gun...when he did not, and raised it at officers...three officers shot at him. he was hit in the chest and died. all officers are okay. but this has created a traffic nighmare. (steve) another big story we are following tonight... a homicide suspect -- arrested after a 19 hour standoff in martinez. the man was wanted for the murder of a woman in walnut creek yesterday. kron4's lydia pantazes is in conctra costa county with the latest details on what we are learning about the suspect and the victim. natsa makeshift memorial grows at the scene of where 47-year old roselyn policarpio was
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gunned down thursday afternoon. "i just felt really bad, it's really sad, just a tragedy." diane mijango didn't know the victim...but she felt compelled to pay her respects. "as i pulled up i see the body, i see these guys going back and forth trying to get the witnesses together."george vasquez drove up to the scene seconds after it happened."she was face down, she was not moving."a manhunt for the suspect, 38-year old gregory prokopowicz, began immediately. "we believe they had a dating relationship and i'm not sure if it was actively going on now or if it was a past dating relationship."police searched two locations before they spotted prokopowicz sitting in the passenger seat of this silver sedan in martinez.they made a traffic stop, shortly detained and released the driver.... called in swat and a stand-off began....(nats) this is video of how that standoff ended, 19-hours later... "obviously this is not a surprise."boris breckinridge lives across the
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street from where the suspect used to live...."the suspect, he lived there, i literally haven't seen him for years and then all of a sudden now in the last month i've seen him there almost everyday and i know they have restraining orders against each other so i know he's not supposed to be there."boris says prokopowicz lived there with an ex girlfriend or wife...he says there was always political activity at the home."it would be quiet for months and months but all of a sudden you'd look out the window and there's a line of cop cars and someone is being taken away." (pam) bart officials announced they have made the first arrest ... connected to that mob attack on a train
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last weekend. the suspect arrested was a juvenile.. police say, they are tracking down dozens of young suspects in connection to the attack. investigators are using surveillance footage to identify and search for up to sixty others involved. they stormed a train at the coliseum bart station last saturday... and robbed seven people onboard bart police have been tracking an increase in crime.... up roughly 22- percent in the first three- months of this year.
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story tonight. north korea has conducted a ballistic missle test -- that apparently failed. the missle blew up over land... and never left north korean territory. the launch is seen as a show of defiance.. because it happened just hours after secretary of state rex tillerson addressed the united nations security council ... calling for increased pressure on north korea. (pam) president donald trump getting ready to mark 100- days in office tomorrow. (steve) tonight we know a government shutdown will not be part of it.... with just hours before the deadline -- the house and senate closed out a temporary deal to keep the government running for the next week.(pam) reporter karin caifa (kay-fuh) is on capitol hill with the details of that deal. pres donald trump: i dont think anyone has done what we've been able to do in 100 days it is the eve of a major day for president donald trump - day 100 - when the white house, the media, and voters will take stock of where this presidency stands. the commander in chief -- busy giving interviews and touting what he sees as major
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accomplishments. pres donald trump: for the first time in the modern political era we have confirmed a new justice in the first 100 days .but on capitol hill, the republican-led congress was unable to strike a long-term deal to fund the government - instead, opting for a one-week stop gap to give negotiators more time. nat: the joint resolution has passedand despite a late push from the white house... house republicans were unable to reach a deal to repeal and replace obamacare.rep. adam kinzinger/ -r- illinois: when you're talking about a sixth of the economy, you have to take your time and figure out where to go. so, i'm still there and hopefully will have a decision soon. day 100 will come and go with several executive orders but no major legislative victories - -no tax reform-no health care reform-and no funding for a border wallthe top democrat in the senate sees the first 100 days very differently than the white house. sen. chuck schumer, -d- minority leader: i think its one of the worst 100 days i've ever recalled for a president the president says he's looking well beyond his first weeks.pres donald trump: you came through for me and i am going to come
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through for you.on capitol hill, i'm karin caifa. (terisa estacio) (philippe) in vallejo... the city is reviewing its response to a report of up to a dozen dead dogs found off columbus parkway. the city says the person who reported the discovery called the wrong number on february 17th... and, that the city's animal
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control service wasn't actually made aware of the finding until march 25th. a city spokesperson says in cases like these, the public should at the very least call 9-11 if confused about who to contact. in the meantime, the city, animal services and the solano county sheriff's office are reviewing recent animal cruelty cases to see if there's a connection to this investigation, in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam) still ahead... the weekend is finally here... and get ready for warmer temperatures...(steve) chief meteorologist brittney shipp is back with what to expect...
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.sunny and warmer today and becoming breezy again tonight in the hills under offshore flow and clear skies. winds will ease saturday
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morning giving way to a clear and warm weekend. another round of offshore winds possible monday morning otherwise continued seasonably warm and dry through wednesday. cooling trend may start by the end of next week. ♪
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>> exclusive. the girlfriend of the facebook killer who shot a total stranger in cold blood. he posted the video on facebook. >> can you say joy lane. >> joy lane. >> this is joy lane. >> i just started crying and crying. then, another big "inside edition" exclusive. our bombshell interview with the wife of the teacher who ran off with his student. >> do you feel betrayed by her? >> and the untold story of how she helped track down the man who deserted her. >> would you take him back? >> and total chaos. >> they were promised gourmet meals on this tropical paradise. what they got was a tent city and cheese sandwiches.